Say What? Russian Sayings

Say What? Russian Sayings {0}

What happens when you translate these Russian sayings into English? Let’s take a look.

Is learning a language in 17 days possible?

Is learning a language in 17 days possible? {0}

Check out this article about someone who claims he learned a language in 17 days.Regardless of whether you believe it is possible or not, he has some good tricks on how to facilitate learning a language.

Learn Mandarin the Chineasey Way

Learn Mandarin the Chineasey Way {0}

Do you know you can learn Chinese by building “blocks” and beautifully illustrated graphs? Read article from FT magazine.

BBC Languages

BBC Languages {0}

I took a look at the language tool that is available on BBC languages and would recommend that those who would like to learn a new language start here. Though the site has not been updated in a while, there are still plenty of useful resources such as video recordings you can watch, downloadable transcripts(…)

“Radio Ambulante” Review

“Radio Ambulante” Review {0}

Radio Ambulante is a Latin American podcast website comparable to the style of “This American Life”. The podcasts range in length and content but are always incredibly compelling. I first started using it in HISP 303 and though it was difficult to keep up with the solely Spanish narration at first, I would definitely recommend(…)

Midori App (Japanese language study) Review {0}

After coming back from a semester abroad in Tokyo, I can definitely say that the Midori app for iOS is a really great tool for Japanese Language Study. In a nutshell, you can use Midori like a dictionary for both English to Japanese and the other way around (with 3 input systems no less: via(…)