International WOBC Shows

WOBC, Oberlin’s own radio station, has a rich array of international and multilingual radio shows scheduled this semester! Tune in at 91.5 or via

WOBC is run by Oberlin students and broadcasts more than 150 programs every week. DJs include students, faculty, staff, and community members. For more about WOBC, including information about how to get involved, check out their website.

Show Time Languages Description
Tico Tico no Fubá Sunday 6-7am Portuguese Tico Tico no Fubá intends to be a radio show where everybody will be able to get to know Brazil through different aspects such as music, arts, the news, history and food. Going from a book extract to week news and the recipe of the day, Brazilian culture and Brazilian people will be portrayed in its very diverse and different aspects.
Buttery Buscuits: International Edition Monday 11am-12pm many languages A bump by any other name…would sound as sweet. Bump it, bop it, twist it, pull it! Imported and domestic jams to get you up and dancing in no time.
Bruxxsels Radio Sunday 2-3pm many languages Bruxxsel Radio brings a multilingual mix of the fun and familiar from far away places. Inspired by the capital of the trilingual kingdom of Belgium, we play retro, indie rock, nordic pop, french new wave, tropical beats, 80s & 90s dance, german synth, random selections from around Europe and beyond, in as many languages as possible.
An Hour in Babylon Monday 7-8pm different language each week Ever wondered what gets radio play in Algeria? Or what classical music sounds like in Hong Kong? Then join us for an hour to experience music from all over the world. Each week, we'll play a solid hour of music in a different language.
HISP 303 Tuesday 5-6pm Spanish News, Music, Interviews, Information, and Conversation in Spanish as reported by the students of HISP 303: Advanced Conversation and Communication in Spanish at Oberlin College
Demoler Wednesday 8-9am Spanish Classic alternative from Latin America
Radio Miami Wednesday 9-10am Spanish This radio is all about Miami. Music, Culture, food, latinos and slang.
Mixing Pot Thursday 7-8am many languages Mixing Pot is a highlight of the cosmopolitanism in international pop music.
Fa L'Americano Thursday 9-10am Italian and English The title "Fa L'Americano" is derived from a 1956 Neapolitan pop song, famously covered by Pitbull in "Bon Bon (No Speak Americano)," means "to be American." Music consists of Italian and American songs from the 1940s to the present day. This show, in narrative format with explanations in both English and Italian, explores the cultural link between the two countries through music.
SeoulBeats Thursday 7-8pm Korean K-POP music 101: Learn all you want about K-POP music, from generic Korean pop to the hidden indie, this one hour per week show will serve you new music menus of great taste. Join us in our exploration of the Korean world that Oberlin has never experienced ever before!
Robo Chimp Friday 5-6pm many languages Focus on Latin America, the Middle East, and South Asia, with music in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Hindi, as well as other South Asian dialects

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