Blogging Help

The videos below address different administrative aspects of the CILC’s WordPress blogs.

Editing Your User Profile

This video shows you how to update your WordPress user profile.  Updating your profile allows you to change information such as your full name, how your name is displayed, and the password that you will use to access your blog.


Adding Images to a Post

This video shows you how to insert images, either uploaded from your computer or existing on another site, into a WordPress page or post.


Creating a Page

This video shows you how to create a static page on your blog.  Any pages that you create will be visible to a visitor in the navigation menu towards the top of your blog.


Creating Links in a Post

This video shows you how to insert links to other sites in a WordPress page or post.


Using Widgets

This video shows you how to use the sidebar widgets that are a common part of many WordPress themes. These sidebar widgets allow you to add things such as a list of links or a search box to your blog.


Threaded Commenting

This video explains what threaded commenting is and how to read a comment thread. It also shows you how to leave such threaded comments, and view threaded comments left on your own blog.


Inserting YouTube Videos

This video shows you how to embed YouTube videos in any posts or pages that you create on your blog.


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