Final Project Goals

I’ve grown up with in an America in which the Spanish speaking population is constantly growing and gaining political power. Spanish is an inherently American language.  It is this belief that motivates my final project for this semester- I want to primarily improve my speaking skills so that I can talk American politics in Spanish with anyone, anywhere.  Concurrent to this goal of speaking, I want to continue to learn about the role of Spanish speakers and especially immigrants in this upcoming presidential election.  Here are some sub goals that I believe will facilitate my success at the end of my semester:

  • Contribute verbally to every class and actively listen to the speaking successes (and failures) of my classmates in order to build my skill set
  • Build a vocabulary list of Spanish words related to politics and the 2012 election
  • Volunteer on a weekly basis with the Obama campaign and provide weekly updates of my work on the blog
  • On this blog, summarize in Spanish the election coverage I have consumed over the course of the weekly

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