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Proyecto Final

So, you may be asking yourself what the purpose of this blog is (other than the occasional monkey post). I created this blog to share my progress towards my final project for Spanish. What I would like to achieve through this class, is becoming comfortable enough in Spanish to go on the Winter Term trip to Guadalajara, Mexico this January. This trip is open to students taking lower levels of Spanish than I am, so it may seem like I am already qualified to go on this trip, but my goal is to be able to discover something about the local culture while I am there. I will be able to best accomplish this if I can talk with anyone on the street with facility.

Much of what I need practice with is conversational Spanish. I can usually conjugate verbs well enough when I have a moment to pause and think over my words. I would like to be able to conjugate verbs without thinking about them. I’m also starting to realize that much of the speech I use conversationally, though it may not be grammatically incorrect, is awkward, making me sound like a foreigner. I think that I can smooth over these inconsistencies in my Spanish by speaking as much as I can in Spanish. Of course, this should be balanced with focused studying to expand my vocabulary. I will gain practice in conversation by finding a Skype buddy, ideally from Mexico that I will talk with once or twice a week. Currently I can talk for about 5-10 minutes in Spanish. I’m setting being able to talk for 15-20 minutes as my goal for the end of this course.

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