Proyecto final: La Música

I am currently pursuing an individual major entitled Practice and Economics in the Music Industry, through which I take a number of courses in Economics and Music History. I am utilizing this curriculum to provide an historical analysis for how the music industry has changed over the past two hundred years, and how it will continue to change in the future, and will also be conducting original research in this major. Music is my passion, and as someone who is currently a part of, and plans to pursue a career in the music business after college, it is important to remember that the United States is not the only country that produces music, whether it be art music, pop music, or folk music. These are integral parts of every society and culture. As I am very interested in the intersection of art music and pop music (meaning how music can both be artful, experimental, innovative, etc. yet also attain widespread popularity) part of my project will focus on creating a list of musicians, artists, and bands from latin-american countries for students to listen to that they might not have heard of. This could be anyone from a band like Calle 13 that we listened to in class or Silvestre Revueltas, a remarkable classical composer from Mexico. The second part of my project will be to compile a glossary for the vocabulary used in the music business, whether that be in booking, recording, management, or other facets of the music industry. These are all useful things to learn about for me, as its possible that I might work in Spanish-speaking countries over the course of my career. While doing this project, I also hope to learn about how the music industry might work differently in other countries when compared to the U.S. While not completely applicable, I’ll be studying abroad in Brazil this spring where I hope to research and become part of the music industry, and this research and experience in this class is sure to be helpful for me.

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