Spanish 203 Final Project

Hola Todos!


This blog is dedicated to my final Hispanic Studies 203 project here at Oberlin College. I have enjoyed taking Spanish all through out high school and I am thrilled to continue it in college. However, I feel as though in the past I only learned Spanish well enough to pass the written tests. This semester I really want to gain confidence in my speaking and conversation skills so that Spanish can be a more prominent part of my life.

My goal for my final project is to be able to have a conversation (five minutes at the minimum) with someone of a higher level spanish (or a native spanish speaker!) about music. I want to gain confidence in speaking so as to not stumble and trip over my words and to eliminate wrong verb tenses from my conversations. I chose music as my topic for this conversation because it something that has always interested, and I would love the opportunity to discuss it and to discover new music from Spanish cultures.


Let’s Begin!

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