Dean Spade and Beach Dogs

On Wednesday I saw Dean Spade speak about trans* activism and politics and the intersections between queer topics and topics related to race and class and ability and how all these things are inseparably connected. I’m more inspired than ever to learn how to talk about these things in Spanish. Also, it’s Friday and it’s been an exhausting week, so  naturally I can’t stop looking at pictures of dogs on beaches. Here is an English Sheepdog:

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2 Responses to Dean Spade and Beach Dogs

  1. Jake Nash says:

    Que perro! No se puede ver los ojos. Pienso que el esta conspirando abajo del pelaje.

  2. jhoffman says:

    Yo también fui a la conferencia por Dean Spade! Era tan asombroso y interesante y inspirador. Lamentablemente no puedo captar lo que pensaba y sentía en español.

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