Proyecto Final

Project Goals:

1.) Learn about permaculture and other sustainable agriculture* techniques in Spanish-speaking regions of the world, particularly Latin America

2.) Explore travel options through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms program or similar organizations

3.) By the end of the semester, be prepared to confidently engage in a conversation regarding agriculture, food justice, and community impacts with a Spanish-speaking farmer

             *I define sustainable agriculture as food production that promotes environmental, social, and economic health


In order to develop a farming-based vocabulary while learning about permacultural practices and the local food movement in different nations (including regional adaptations and methodologies, communication networks between farmers, and the success of permacultural endeavors in re-envisioning community food systems), I plan to browse news articles related to the subject, research the established projects of existing organizations, and read narratives/essays written by farmers if available. Ultimately, I hope to connect with people involved in permaculture ventures in Latin America, to learn from them about the rewards and/or challenges of practicing sustainable agriculture in their areas.

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