Proyecto Final!

Hello everyone! In this page, I will be discussing my Final Project, specifically what goal I have for the Project and what methods I will use to accomplish this.

As I am very interested in American Politics, I want to discuss the upcoming Presidential Election in Spanish.  I am going to learn 50 new vocabulary words relating top Politics and the Election, and integrate each new word into my Spanish conversations.  Ideally, I will be able to hold a 6-8 minute conversation while speaking and hearing Spanish in this conversation fluently, utilizing more and more vocabulary with each conversation.

I would like to schedule conversation sessions with Professor Sawhill, and may utilize Mixxer as well.  I also want to continue expanding my vocabulary and speaking confidence with Jorge.  I believe that with these three resources I will be able to reach my goal of  fluent 6-8 minute conversation.  Concerning the vocabulary, I will write down and use 5-6 new words every week, so that at the end of the semester it will total 50 words.  I will try to find someone who shares my interest in discussing politics, so that way we may compare results and possible share methods.

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