“Why do you need a driver on a boat?” and other questions I asked myself while watching “A Driver for Vera”

When I started watching A Driver for Vera, I had really low expectations and I didn’t really think I was going to like it.  Fortunately, the opposite was true and I thought it was fairly enjoyable to watch.

I will say, though, that a lot of the motives behind the characters actions seem to not quite make sense.  Everyone is very overly dramatic and most peeople do really odd things.  For example, why would Vera’s father send her to the beach instead of getting an abortion if she really wanted it?  I mean, I do understand the logic, but the beach just seems like such a random location (I guess there was the discussion of the most beautiful seas, though, so I suppose it does make sense).

Also, why would you tell a pregnant woman tragic news like that if you don’t know details?  Doesn’t it make more sense to wait until you know for sure what happened than to worry her immediately unnecessarily?  Stupid, stupid people for doing that.

I think it’s interesting how the Soviet/Russian musical tradition continues in this film.  There’s a scene where Viktor and Vera’s father have a moment of song, very reminiscent of Chapaev.  The soundtrack of the film is full of songs from the 1950s and 1960s, and they fit perfectly, unlike a similar soundtrack used in Repentance.