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Moscow Does Not Believe In Good Movies

May 17th, 2011 by Charlotte · No Comments · Uncategorized

Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears was possibly the most depressing movie that we watched in class for the simple fact that Katerina, a strong woman with a career, has to find her happiness in Gosha. What I don’t understand is why she had to get married in the first place. She had her own apartment which, I thought, was relatively nice. She had a good set up, a beautiful daughter. What did she need a man for? Do all women just automatically need men? If we can have a woman shooting a machine gun in Chapaev, is it really so ridiculous that Katerina would live her life out without a man?

I did not like Gosha whatsoever. Not only did he creep me out, but he didn’t like that Katerina made more money than him. You would think that he could just be happy with another decent income in the house. You would also think that having another breadwinner would give him more time to go off and be in the woods with his buddies. He was also generally a creepy guy. I couldn’t really pin his personality down, and it seemed highly fake to me that his friends were giving him such glowing praise all the time. I kept thinking that he was going to turn out to be a villain. In my estimation, he was – any man who would take offense at a woman’s income clearly has no place among the ranks of decent men.

The other man in the movie upset me as well, but this time, I can understand that Russians also would not have liked him. He was a rapist and an all around bad guy. Perhaps the only time I thought he was about to redeem himself in the whole movie was when he told Gosha that Katerina made more money than him. This only made things worse, apparently.

I was entirely upset that Katerina took Gosha back at the end of the film. If I was Katerina, he would have been gone for good. I would have lived out my days happily, I’m sure, without needing a man in my life. Katerina, I guess, is not that kind of woman. Perhaps that is what depressed me about this film.

If this was Star Trek, he would totally be the villain; just look at that mustache!


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