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Final Reflections on Class

May 20th, 2011 by Rebecca Jones · No Comments · Uncategorized

I really learned SO much in class. I loved that we focused on really practical knowledge about the immigration system. When we talked about legislation one immigration, our focus was on the ways in which its implementation would/does affect real people in their daily lives and what strategies can be used to help them. I really liked the lesson that focused on the history of the border and the ways in which policies like NAFTA promote cross-border economies and create a market in which people need to cross the border to make the economy function, but are penalized for doing so. I also thought that our first lesson, when Mari, Cyndi, and Meredith gave us an overview of the immigration system and how it works for someone trying to migrate to the US was one of the most helpful explanations on the topic of Immigration that I have ever received. I still have the little zine they made about it and refer to it sometimes to clarify questions.

I also think that I learned a lot from the way the class was structured. It was set up so that we all learned from each other, so two or three people would lead class but everyone would add their own knowledge of whatever we were learning about. I think that sort of learning, rather than just having one teacher who is the ultimate holder of all knowledge, is more interesting because we learn from a variety of perspectives.

I loved this class!! I’ll miss everyone in it. I hope I can help out with IWP next semester.


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