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Hello world!

March 21st, 2011 by Mirelle Thaler · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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  • Mirelle Thaler

    I have really enjoyed the course so far. Although we do not meet for many hours each week, all of the lessons are concise and informative. I am glad that I know know a bit more about farm workers and the immigration system. I knew that it was a complicated one, but that has opened up my eyes to the intricacies. I have been thinking a lot about how much migrant workers do in terms of the produce farmed in the U.S. and yet how invisible they are to most people in the U.S.. Although I have not stated teaching yet, I was glad to get a chance to meet the men working in Vermillion. It felt like finally there was a curtain being lifted to the hidden world of migrant workers. I know that the men that I will be working with are all contracted, this will probably be a different experience than working with undocumented workers. I am really excited to start teaching. I love doing work and being a part of organizations that are based around what a group of people directly ask for. IWP seems like a great organization for this reason; immigration issues seem like they are not receiving as much attention as they should.

    This week Maya and I will be teaching a “know your rights” lesson. I have enjoyed creating it so far because it has helped solidify the information that I have perviously heard.

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