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April 26th, 2011 by Maya Dougherty · No Comments · Uncategorized

We thought that a lot of people wouldn’t show up to class because of Easter this week, but actually they forgot about Easter and didn’t show up because they were watching a soccer game. We did, however, still have two students, so we did a review with them and then had them fill in a crossword puzzle. We also played pictionary with phrases such as “the cat is in the box,” so that they could review some of those words that they had learned two weeks ago. Finally, we had them look at different objects in the room and describe their locations, such as “the book is on the table.” Similar to last week, this was useful because it allowed them to practice both writing and speaking.
In the private reading class last week I presented on SB1070 and ICE ACCESS Programs. It was very useful for me to actually have to do more research on these topics, because although I have heard a lot about them before (especially being from Arizona), I realized how many things I still wasn’t aware of. This made me realize how true this is likely be for a lot of other people too.


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