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May 22nd, 2011 by Claire Molholm · No Comments · Uncategorized

This was my final ESL lesson and I think my most successful. Juju was unavailable to come but we planned the lesson together. We wanted to focus on the past tense which we had done in the past but it was too overwhelming. When I first got there though there were very few students. I decided to hold off on my lesson and asked them what they wanted to do. We read through an article in National Geographic together. I thought the way we did this was very effective. We would a read a sentence out loud together. I was ask them what words they didn’t know and then would ask them to explain the sentence in their own words and then tie back the previous sentences we had just read. I think this really helped them understand the article. Seeing how successful that exercise was I decided to begin my lesson anyhow. We played hangman in which I gave them a list of a present tense verbs. I would choose a word and then they guess it. Afterwards I would do the past tense of the verb, all of these verbs were irregular. Afterwards we went around making sentences with the present tense and then the past tense version of the verb. I think this was incredibly helpful in engraining these verbs into their vocabulary which is a very difficult task. Afterward we review and they would clearly remember the past tense versions of the verbs we had done.


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