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Interesting Immigration Article

May 10th, 2011 by Anna Cibils · No Comments · Uncategorized

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten the opportunity to teach ESL in the past 3 weeks because of Easter and various other complications, so I don’t have much to share regarding lesson plans. However, I recently found an interesting article in the New York Times regarding Florida’s stance on the passing of an Arizona-like law. While reading this article, I found myself frustrated with the reasoning provided for passing these kind of laws. Although I understand politicians must think of economic and political repercussions of either passing or not passing a law, not once was there mention of the how the lives of those impacted by the bill would change. I understand it’s a pressing issue, and that many aspects of it must be addressed, but, as I cannot stress enough, we’re all human beings. And that I feel should never be forgotten.


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