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2nd Article

May 10th, 2011 by Anna Cibils · No Comments · Uncategorized

While revisiting the NY Times site to take a look at the article from my last post I found another article on the front page!

In our last class we spoke of how Obama has yet to take a firm standing on immigration issues, as well as even address the controversies with lawmaking occurring across the country. This article addresses a speech President Obama gave in El Paso, Texas. He brought up several points such as the fact that he had put more border patrol on the borders and almost completed a fence. Obama claimed this was more than the Republicans had done. For the rest of the speech it seemed Obama’s goal was to blame the GOP for the lack of improvement in the immigration system during his administration.

When seeing these headlines I got excited to finally read about Obama’s stance on the issue, but in reality it was just a rewording of information that is already well known.


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