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ESL 4/10 and 4/17

April 22nd, 2011 by Anna Cibils · No Comments · Uncategorized

I teach ESL at Norwalk, which is a town that is about 30 minutes from Oberlin. Our class has 3 women in it that attend pretty consistently. I’ve really been enjoying the experience and more recently it feels like the students have been getting more out of the class. Typically we address a specific topic or theme in our class rather than addressing specific grammatical rules. However, many times grammatical concepts do come up and we address them as we go. Although in some settings this would seem a little scattered, our students come from very different backgrounds as far as experience with the language is concerned. Therefore, if we were to address only grammar and conjugation of different verbs, there would be some students who found it too easy and others who would not be able to follow.

Recently, the students expressed interest in learning about common answers for small-talk type questions as well as useful phrases to use at the store, doctor’s office, and at their children’s schools. Last weekend the theme was “a visit to the doctor’s office” and we talked about the names for different illnesses, how to ask for an appointment, how to ask for one’s prescription, etc. The students seemed really excited to be learning about something that they could use in a real-life setting. Next class I hope to include more activities to get them talking in English more, because I find that is always the trickiest part.


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