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Final Reflection

June 1st, 2011 by Anna Cibils · Uncategorized

I learned a lot from teaching ESL with IWP. I did not have any experience teaching adults or ESL, so the thought of it was a little intimidating at first. Since I am originally from Argentina and speak Spanish fluently I felt that would definitely help me to connect with my students. My favorite part of the class was how eager the students were to learn and how they always brought a positive attitude to class. There were three women who regularly came, and it was rewarding to see them come back every week and know that they had most likely found the last class helpful.

As far as teaching style is concerned I’m a little torn as to whether my style was effective or not. Many of the classes were held in a very conversational setting, and there was generally much more Spanish spoken than I would have liked. However, I think this created an environment in which the students felt comfortable asking me about any words, phrases, or topics they would like covered. It was always difficult to try and get the students to participate when I asked them to use conversation topics I’d taught them to carry on conversations among each other. They seemed much more comfortable with the lecture style.

Overall, I’m very glad I got the opportunity to teach ESL. I learned a lot from my students about their experiences and perspectives on this country. I hope that from my lessons they were able to take something that will help them feel more empowered in their everyday lives.

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ESL summary

June 1st, 2011 by Anna Cibils · Uncategorized

Days taught:

2/20: Meredith taught, and I mostly observed. The lesson plan was “Love and Relationships”. The two women who were regular students had expressed to Meredith that they had been in abusive relationships in the past. In this class they were taught basic vocabulary to describe relationships, such as “single” “married” “love” “respect” “husband” “wife”, etc. It seemed that the students were really pleased with the lesson, especially since it was regarding a topic they had expressed concern about in the past. I feel like they were very comfortable asking us how to say certain things, and what rights they had as domestic partners.

2/27: I taught. Lesson plan: “Daily routines.” The students expressed an interest in learning about verbs, and their correct conjugations. I decided to design a lesson plan in which they could learn how to describe activities they were used to doing on a daily basis. Every student described what they usually did in the morning, like make breakfast, take their kids to school, etc. I found that although they did learn how to say some new things, many of the students had trouble with basic verbs such as to have and to do, so we decided it was time to go back to the basics.

3/6: Meredith and I both taught. Lesson plan: “to do”. Meredith had already designed a lesson plan with “to do” so she mostly led this lesson. The main point of this class was to distinguish between “to do” and “to make”, since in Spanish these two words are translated into “hacer”.

3/13: Meredith and I both taught. Lesson plan: “to do”.  In this lesson we decided to finish up “to do” since it had been a lot of information to cover in only one class. This time we started out asking the students to list different activities that they commonly do, and whether they would use “to do” or “to make” with it. I felt that this was one of the most successful plans. At the end of the lesson it seemed the students were really comfortable with difference between “to do” and “to make”, especially since we made the point that when we “make” something, there is usually something being produced.

3/20: I taught. Lesson plan: “At the store.” At the end of the last class, as usual, we asked them what they would like to learn more about. The students told us that many times at stores the cashier would ask them questions or try to make small talk, and although they could understand, many times they didn’t know how to answer. At this lesson we taught them how to answer to a question about food they were buying, what grades their children were in, etc. We also presented them with common questions that may be presented to them at the cashier, such as “would you like your receipt in a bag?” or “paper or plastic bags?”. At the end of the class we also talked about how to ask questions to their children’s teachers or phrases they may need to say at school. Some examples are, “how is my son/daughter doing in your class?” or “I will be picking up my son/daughter early from school today.”

4/10: I taught. Lesson plan: “At the doctor’s”. (covered in past blog)

4/17: I taught. Lesson plan. “At the doctor’s ctd. and conversation etiquette.” (covered in past blog)

We had to cancel the other classes for the following reasons:

3/27 and 4/3: no class; spring break, both Meredith and I were out of town.

4/24: Easter; the church at which we taught was having a special service and we were unable to use the room we usually taught in.

5/1: None of our students could attend class because of another church function.

5/8: Meredith was out of town, and the other ride we had arranged had to make a last minute cancellation. We were unable to find another replacement in time.

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2nd Article

May 10th, 2011 by Anna Cibils · Uncategorized

While revisiting the NY Times site to take a look at the article from my last post I found another article on the front page!

In our last class we spoke of how Obama has yet to take a firm standing on immigration issues, as well as even address the controversies with lawmaking occurring across the country. This article addresses a speech President Obama gave in El Paso, Texas. He brought up several points such as the fact that he had put more border patrol on the borders and almost completed a fence. Obama claimed this was more than the Republicans had done. For the rest of the speech it seemed Obama’s goal was to blame the GOP for the lack of improvement in the immigration system during his administration.

When seeing these headlines I got excited to finally read about Obama’s stance on the issue, but in reality it was just a rewording of information that is already well known.

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Interesting Immigration Article

May 10th, 2011 by Anna Cibils · Uncategorized

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten the opportunity to teach ESL in the past 3 weeks because of Easter and various other complications, so I don’t have much to share regarding lesson plans. However, I recently found an interesting article in the New York Times regarding Florida’s stance on the passing of an Arizona-like law. While reading this article, I found myself frustrated with the reasoning provided for passing these kind of laws. Although I understand politicians must think of economic and political repercussions of either passing or not passing a law, not once was there mention of the how the lives of those impacted by the bill would change. I understand it’s a pressing issue, and that many aspects of it must be addressed, but, as I cannot stress enough, we’re all human beings. And that I feel should never be forgotten.

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ESL 4/10 and 4/17

April 22nd, 2011 by Anna Cibils · Uncategorized

I teach ESL at Norwalk, which is a town that is about 30 minutes from Oberlin. Our class has 3 women in it that attend pretty consistently. I’ve really been enjoying the experience and more recently it feels like the students have been getting more out of the class. Typically we address a specific topic or theme in our class rather than addressing specific grammatical rules. However, many times grammatical concepts do come up and we address them as we go. Although in some settings this would seem a little scattered, our students come from very different backgrounds as far as experience with the language is concerned. Therefore, if we were to address only grammar and conjugation of different verbs, there would be some students who found it too easy and others who would not be able to follow.

Recently, the students expressed interest in learning about common answers for small-talk type questions as well as useful phrases to use at the store, doctor’s office, and at their children’s schools. Last weekend the theme was “a visit to the doctor’s office” and we talked about the names for different illnesses, how to ask for an appointment, how to ask for one’s prescription, etc. The students seemed really excited to be learning about something that they could use in a real-life setting. Next class I hope to include more activities to get them talking in English more, because I find that is always the trickiest part.

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Hello world!

February 22nd, 2011 by Anna Cibils · Uncategorized

Welcome to your blog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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