Verdi’s Don Carlos

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I think the main corlo of Don Carlos is really darkness.  Don Carlos almost needs 4 hours to complete the performance, thus, this opera is the longest opera which composed my Don Carlos.

I think this opera is much more like a dialog, obversely reflected through the pice between the vocal part and orchestra.

Ih the other hand,  Spanish influence this music theme a lot,  I could feel it in a colorful atmosphere, and dances , ect.

I really love this opera.

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

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Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel was born in a up class wealth nobel family. She was very talented woman and he has younger brother who also really talented, and became a famous composer: Felix Mendelssohn.  As we know, women has to undergo with many rules in that time. although, Felix Mendelssohn and his sister grew up with professional musical education. However as a woman, Fanny unable stretch her talents cause of her parents didn’t allow.  She didn’t give up music, until one day, after she married to a Painter Wilhelm Hensel who encouraged her to compose and performance, she could reach out of public.

Beethoven-Missa Solemnis

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The Missa solemnis is most imposing public works of the last period of Beethoven. This work retest the traditions of their respective genres. Beethoven thought the Mass is his greatest work, which was a deeply confession of  faith and loves.

The choral writing owes something to handel. But a Handel oratorio was a string of independent chambers, Beethoven composed his setting of the Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Kyrie, ect, as a five movement symphony combine with voice.  Because in the late Masses of Haydn, choruses and solo chambers combine and alternate play each movement.

Beethoven focus and found that musical form led him to take liberties with the liturgical words.