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Schubert, Piano Quintet in A Major (The Trout), D. 667

May 21st, 2011 by Brian Mcevoy on Brian Mcevoy's Blog · No Comments · Uncategorized

From the very beginning I felt a carefree feeling that swept over me like a gust of fresh air. Andante, the second movement starts out slow to depict the part of a trout’s day, which is more relaxed but also carries a sense of uncertainty. However, when the theme returns, the anxious feelings vanish. The [...]

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Schubert and the Trout

by Halle Davis on Halle Davis's Blog · No Comments · Uncategorized

This might seem a bit off topic but over winter break while I was at home my parents bought a new washer and dryer. Pretty exciting, right? What could this possibly have to do with Schubert? Well, at some point over break I was walking by the laundry room and heard the famous theme in [...]

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Schubert’s trout (plural)

by Luke Fatora on Luke Fatora's Blog · No Comments · Uncategorized

Schubert did a great job with his “Die Forelle.” It sounds a bit silly, but for some reason the opening of the piece sounds exactly like a trout swimming and leaping from water to me. (Keep in mind that I enjoy fishing and grew up catching many trout, so I know them quite well). I’m [...]

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songs without words.

by Gregory Wang on Greg Wang · No Comments · Uncategorized

In Schubert there’s not just an emphasis on register and texture absent in the earlier Viennese masters; often register and texture are the only discernible differences between sections.  The music might fade into a tentative piano solo, but for Mr. Schubert, no good melody should be left unrepeated once or twice–the violins come in, stealing [...]

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Die Forelle Piano Quintet

by Gabrielle Martinez on Gabrielle Martinez's Blog · No Comments · Uncategorized

Upon reading that we would be reviewing Schubert’s “Die Forelle” this week, I automatically assumed we would be listening to the adorable song with poetry by Schubart. I’ve heard the song countless times, yet I had no idea there was a piano quintet of the same name.
When I think of Schubert, I immediately think [...]

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Schubert and Trout

by Elaine Daiber on Elaine Daiber's Blog · No Comments · Uncategorized

After listening to Schubert’s “Die Forelle”, which I had never heard before, the only word that came to my mind was…adorable. After reading the translation of the poem, written by Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart, it didn’t seem to me that there was really a hidden meaning, or life lesson, in the [...]

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Schubert, Piano Quintet in A

by Karolyn Byers on Karolyn Byers's Blog · No Comments · Uncategorized

Schubert’s Piano Quintet in A, also known as Trout because it is variations of one of Schubert’s previous Lieds Die Forelle. This lied was written for voice with accompaniment and the words consisted of stanzas from poet Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart. The text of the poem used in the lied translates as follows:
In a bright [...]

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Schubert’s Die Forelle and Piano Quintet in A Major (Trout)

by Shihui on Shihui Yin's Blog · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Schubert based this piano quintet in A major on the Lied Die Forelle. Basically, the meanings of this two different pieces are the same — Schubert attempts to display an image in which the trout plays and swims in a brook and it is finally captured by the fisher. In the lied, we can feel the change [...]

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Schubert’s Trout Quintet

by Valerie Chiang on Valerie Chiang: An Oberlin Blog · No Comments · Romantic Music History

This lively piano quintet is based on one of Schubert’s own lieds, Die Forelle Op. 32, or “The Trout.” It is a very popular piece for solo voice and piano, and the lyrics for three of the four stanzas are from a poem by Christian Daniel Schubart. “The Trout” is the basis for the fourth [...]

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