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The Trotting Trout

March 1st, 2011 by Daniel King · Uncategorized

I enjoyed listening to the Trout piano quintet. The piano as a fifth person added a lot to enable the the ensemble to produce some unusual sonorities. (for the quartet genre that is) And Schubert’s picturesque painting of his themes applied here in the often lively representation of the fish swimming through the waters, which is most prevalent I think in the piano, but passes between the strings and the piano quite a bit.
As cool as these fish are, I think this piece has more meaning than just Schubert saying, “Hey look guys, I can write an awesome piece for strings and piano about, well, a fish.” I think it represents a journey, one that we’re all swimming through on a daily basis, and he wanted to comment on it in music, in his truly representative and romantic style.

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