Schubert, Piano Quintet in A Major (The Trout), D. 667

From the very beginning I felt a carefree feeling that swept over me like a gust of fresh air. Andante, the second movement starts out slow to depict the part of a trout’s day, which is more relaxed but also carries a sense of uncertainty. However, when the theme returns, the anxious feelings vanish. The third movement, the Scherzo: Presto, is a fast, upbeat movement. It is much shorter than the first two movements but it is full of energy and excitement. The Theme and Variations are what follow; this is where we can hear Schubert connect the Piano Quintet in A Major to Die Forelle for piano and voice. The themes of both these compositions are very similar. The key of A minor is established as the fisherman catches the trout and then returns back to the tonic as the variations end. Allegro Guisto is the last movement in this se. I feel the Allegro Guisto reflects the after math of the hunt; it’s surprisingly joyful.
As I listened to this piece, I was reminded of surreal rolling waters due to the arpeggios in the left hand piano accompaniment. I feel that the mood that Schubert conveys through his music clearly reflects the text of the poem. The music has a light and airy texture to it. The dynamics help depict the sensation of flowing water through a stream. I thought this was a really cool piece, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

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