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Science of Hope

March 9th, 2011 by Faith Hays · Uncategorized

This article put into words something that can be difficult to express. Regardless of whether an epic/classic/old movie meets, exceeds, or dreadfully falls below my expectations, I feel a loss at something magical and somewhat limitless and shifting in meaning gaining a definite personality and narrative. More often than not, the movies that I have ruminated on for years fall below my carefully groomed standards. Though the author of the article expresses a deep desire to accept his theory of the resting place of Welles’ lost movie, and believes it will eventually find its way to the public, I do not believe he truly wants the movie to be found. He wants to make the movie what he needs it to be, just like most of us do with any artistic experience.

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Balancing The Shadows of Iron Man

February 21st, 2011 by Faith Hays · Uncategorized

Okay, the title of this blog doesn’t actually make sense.

Anyway, I was thinking about making a personal manifesto for film and all that, when I realized what the first and most important part of it would be: films must have a “successful” (I don’t know who that would be defined by, but I like a director who is somewhat attentive to the audience) combination of both planned and spontaneous/accidental elements. I think one extreme example of a movie that seems to be completed scripted and controlled is Iron Man, while leaning towards the other extreme are films like Shadows, which utilize the “wind in the trees” a lot more. Though I appreciate both films, and I really enjoy good ol Robbie jr, I think generally films are more successful if they can find the perfect balance of these two approaches.

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