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Superheroes Just Aren’t Meant for Live Action Television

April 4th, 2011 by Isaac Buchoff on Isaac Buchoff's Blog · No Comments · Uncategorized

This isn’t really a reflection on anything we’ve learned, but more a pissed off rant that’s been brewing inside me for months, nay, years.
Superheroes have been the subjects of television shows for quite a while now. The Adventures of Superman aired as early as 1952, followed by Batman in 1966 and Shazam!, The Incredible Hulk, and [...]

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The History of the Universe As Told By Wonder Woman

by Grace Kanaan on Grace Kanaan's Blog · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

I found this really great clip of a documentary on the history of Wonder Woman that is currently in production. Here is some information about the film from their website:
“The goal of the film is to explore how female heroes have fared in popular culture. We’re using Wonder Woman as the central figure in this [...]

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by Eamon Brennan on Eamon Brennan's Blog · No Comments · Uncategorized

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella by Justin Pierce follow the non-adventures of Wonderella and her oblivious sidekick Wonderita. Basically Wonderella is Wonder Woman. That is if Wonder Woman were lazy, a drunkard, irresponsible, a bunch of other negative adjectives, and quite funny. Facing various villains, such as Hitlerella and Jokerella, Wonderella deals with all problems [...]

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