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April 27th, 2011 by Jeremy Potterfield · No Comments · Uncategorized

I really enjoyed reading the Sandman. A lot of the pleasure came from experiencing so much landscape and story in a single volume. As a reader we go from Hell, to the JLI base, to Arkham, France/England (I couldn’t tell). Because Sandman can travel through dreams, the reader often never stays in the same setting for long. We grab onto Sandman’s fantastic dreamy robe and take part in his far reaching quest — stretching miles in dreamspace, realspace, and otherrealm space (I totally just coined these three terms). Gaiman takes familiar concepts like the Sandman, or Hell, and completely surprises the readers’ expectations. For instance, Hell is sort of how one might imagine it. It’s complete with devils and daemons and the like. But Gaiman puts a fantastic spin on the concept of Hell. It’s an oligarchy, where strange contests of cunning settle disputes. And then Sandman just waltzes into Hell with his bad self. Gaiman’s novel takes on timeworn concepts were completely fascinating. Sandman does indeed earn the term graphic novel,for it is as much a novel as it is a comic. The panel design was innovative and the drawings of the characters were artfully juxtaposed. I look forward to reading the next volume/s.


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