Flash’s Powers Raise Problems

The only other superhero who I believe could rival the completely horrible aspects of Superman’s life would be the Flash.
I say this as the Flash could also attempt to stop every single crime but unlike Superman the Flash probably could do it. In certain DC proposed futures the Flash has ceased being a person able to [...]

Superman’s life is messed up

Superman has to live with more pain and horribleness than nearly any other super hero.
I am going to ignore the standard discussion over the pain of losing an entire civilization versus seeing your parent shot, which inevitably arises when discussing the dark life that is Superman. Instead I want to focus on the psychological trauma and [...]

Zombies, The Simpsons, Unifying Culture

For a long time I had a theory.
A crazy theory ( but it being crazy is irrelevant as most theories are legally required to be insane or at least off kilter)
…. now back to the point.
The crazy theory regarded when zombies would eventually be created (it is a given that zombies will eventually be created so [...]

Mr. Fantastic is a jerk

Cartoon Theme Songs part 3

The Best Cartoon Theme Songs
part 3. Numbers 10 – 1
10. Arthur and the Knights of Justice

- King Arthur mythos. High school jocks. Magic. Hair Metal. These four things should have been combined years ago.
9. Arthur

- A good uplifting theme song that fits the show and has a positive message for kids. Though I am curious if speciesism exist in their world.
8. [...]

Cartoon Theme Songs part 2

The Top 30 Cartoon Theme Songs of All Time
Part 2. Numbers 20 – 11
20. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

-  80s commercial style cartoons at its finest. What child could resist from begging their parents for actions figures after seeing that intro.
19. Darkwing Duck

- Our first representative of the Duck Universe in cartoon form. The pace of this makes it for me. [...]

Cartoon Theme Songs part 1

Discussion of Carl Banks and the Duck Universe leads me to instantly begin thinking about DuckTales. And by thinking about DuckTales I mean loudly singing the theme song and hoping someone else in my house hears me so they can join in. Since…
“Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg
Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes – it’s a duck blur
You [...]

Animation serving Music?

While watching Fantasia, I came to the realization that I do not like animation inspired by music. I may enjoy what is created but I do not like it as animation. Attempting to express the way music makes you feel through animation or putting a classical song into some sort of framework is commendable but [...]

Bigots angry over fictional characters

Article from Comics Alliance. Read it now.
I do not feel capable of summing up this wonderful little article properly so instead will post my favorite quote from it.
“To Houston and his reptilian kind, such a fictional man is by definition unsuitable for the job of being a fictional superhero because the fictional child of [...]

Voice-actors in my mind

I am beginning to believe I have watched too many animated shows and films featuring superheroes. I say this because as I was reading Marvels and New Frontier certain characters had their quintessential voice actor voices in my head.
I do not think I can read a story featuring Batman and not read it with Kevin [...]