Flash’s Powers Raise Problems

The only other superhero who I believe could rival the completely horrible aspects of Superman’s life would be the Flash.

I say this as the Flash could also attempt to stop every single crime but unlike Superman the Flash probably could do it. In certain DC proposed futures the Flash has ceased being a person able to interact with mankind and has become just a blur that is separated from the world yet saves everybody. He is the entire police force of a heavily populated Mercury in one future.

Yet the fucked up aspects of the Flash do not deal with his not stopping all crimes it really revolves around the effects his speed would have on his own time stream. Thanks to the Speed Force various incarnations of the Flash can travel at or beyond the speed of light which plays havoc on their time relativity.

He has to experience each of his relative seconds in order to perform the actions that he does. But in order to perform so many actions he must live through and remember each. In times when he has run around the world hundreds of times in a minute he must remember and have experienced each step. While he was only gone for a minute in a normal persons time frame, from his perspective he might have been gone for years. His subjective time is completely off from everyone he loves and interacts with. Each day he goes off to fight a villain he may not return for hundreds of his own subjective years.

In addition to this he always has to live with the fear of finally losing touch with reality. In the Kingdom Come miniseries the Flash lives in another plane of existence and the only being who can even slightly communicate with him is Superman due to Superman’s speed and heightened senses. Imagine being trapped in a state of super-speed where you are still attempting to do what you believe is right and just yet having no contact with anyone. That fact that he doesn’t lose it and simply destroy everything or lose his mind is remarkable.

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