Zombies, The Simpsons, Unifying Culture

For a long time I had a theory.

A crazy theory ( but it being crazy is irrelevant as most theories are legally required to be insane or at least off kilter)

…. now back to the point.

The crazy theory regarded when zombies would eventually be created (it is a given that zombies will eventually be created so the only question is when)

After deep consideration on this topic at the age of twelve, I decided the when was whenever the Simpsons are canceled and subsequently brought back.

The Simpsons have been going since 1989 and it was my belief that due to the show having been on air regularly for most of my memorable life that it had an unholy hold over it.

My friends and I were all raised on the show and it played such a large part that I came up with the idea that if the show were ever canceled we would all simply drop dead. How zombies are involved is simple, if the show were brought back to the air for a new season after the original cancellation we would regain life.

Now since we would have been legally dead for quite awhile we would obviously come back as zombies. Risen from the dead to consume more marketable television and maybe enjoy a few morsels of human flesh if it struck our fancy.

Simpsons as Zombies

Now, I came up with this silly idea when the Simpsons was in its twelfth or so season and all my friends had a good chuckle over it. We were all fully ingrained into the Simpsons at that point, being kids raised on television. Hell, most of our families hovered around the poverty line so television was the de facto babysitter on certain days and always in the morning. Additionally, all of our parents let us watch the Simpsons and other supposedly adult orientated cartoons from a young age so we had a long relationship with such shows.

Due to this I find the idea of not growing up with the Simpsons unimaginable. I have fond memories of watching the Simpsons on Sunday night since the age of five or so.

Not sharing such a basic element of popular culture is hard for me to comprehend. I am used to people being in other social classes or having different regional backgrounds but I have often taken for granted the Simpsosn as a unifying force amongst people my age. Without the Simpsons what other unifying force is there or are we all elements of different cultures.

On a side note, I should challenge people to some Simpsons trivia and easily bring in some money.

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  1. Jeremy Potterfield

    I loved the blog post and your theory (you’re probably right). The Simpsons has always had this connotation as being an unintelligent and cheap show. This is why many people don’t watch it, or aren’t allowed to watch it. Yet — though I wasn’t raised with The Simpsons — I did grow up with it. Outsiders to the show might refuse to admit it, but The Simpsons provides a profound commentary on the past and present world. It is always there, with new episodes, constantly judging new world/popular culture events as they pop up.
    …Until the zombies come, that is.

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