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Toy Story 3: The Agony and the Exstacy

April 18th, 2011 by Benjamin Tobin · No Comments · Uncategorized

I always love watching Toy Story 3, even though it makes me cry. The simpsons-esque culture references and nostalgic Toy characters make this a fun entertaining and satisfying story. The deep psychological study of growing up and the bittersweet tragedy of transition makes the story emotionally resonant not only to child and adult audiences alike, but most especially for whatever letter generation the 1990s generation is, who grew up with these characters. For me, being a 90s kid, seeing this story come to such a conclusion is very satisfying and, due to it’s chosen release date, very intersecting with my life, now that I, like Andy, am going through the college gateway to adulthood-and all the sadness and happiness that comes with this transition. The animation is, needless to say, exquisite as always. While Pixar, could, most likely, make the films look more realistic like Legend of the Guardians or Rango, but choose to maintain certain stylized and cartoon-esque traits while continuing to raise the level of detail and texture as well as atmospherics and environments.


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