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Fringe head trip

April 18th, 2011 by Benjamin Tobin · No Comments · Uncategorized

I just wanted to once again point out how amazing Fringe is. Episode 3.19 like it’s season 2 counterpart, decided to take several creative risks. Last year it was a musical/noir combo, now we have animated Fringe as the team heads into Olivia’s subconscious a la Inception to remove the consciousness of Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell. What follows is an insane LSD fueled trip with projections and animated scientist zombies. The animation was very much like Archer or Scanner Darkly and like Brown Betty last year, Fringe referenced several movies, TV shows, and pop culture themes. The episode was quite terrific and in this case I found the animation style, which I didn’t care for as much in a MORE real world setting of Richard Linklater’s film, to be a fine addition to this dream scape.


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