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An age-old classic…

April 18th, 2011 by Jarvinen Amelia · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

…The Simpsons, i’m referring to the Simpsons–the show that I watched continuously as a young child, through my awkward teen years, even now. it’s been a life-changing show, really. I hold all other cartoons up to the simpsons standard. crass humor, rudimentary drawings, bright colors, the list goes on. but really, i am hard-pressed to find a cartoon that is consistently better than the simpsons. and who can argue with how many seasons have been produced? No One? That’s what i thought.

here’s to you Homer, Santa’s Little Helper, Marge, Lisa, Snowball (I, II, and III), Maggie, and Bart for all the ways you’ve terrorized the boob tube with your jokes, yokes, yokels, puns, etc. you’ve made my life a little better. so thank you.


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  • Nick

    I’m not going to argue. I can’t think of an episode that ever disappointed, but I just don’t care for FUTURAMA. My wife loves it! I don’t get it.

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