Staff Profiles


Jessica Greenfield

Director of the CILC

Jessica holds BAs in Classical Art and Architecture and Italian Studies from UC Berkeley, an MA in Italian Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and a PhD in Romance Languages from UNC Chapel Hill.  She has served a program coordinator and taught Italian at the college/university level for more than ten years, working on curriculum development, assessment, intercultural competency, and immersive study abroad experiences.  Her current research includes networked pedagogy, assessment, curriculum design, and material culture in addition to Sicilian literature and culture.




Soomin Kim

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 201913690861_1753954881559082_6630133434466881913_n
Soomin is a Composition major from Seoul, Korea, and the rest of her family lives in the Philippines. She speaks English and Japanese (but no kanji), and is studying Spanish. She loves learning new languages because she believes that language is one of the most powerful way to understand, explore and appreciate the culture. She enjoys traveling with her friends during vacations, which makes her spend all the money she has saved for a semester. In her free time, Soomin likes to collect vintage clothes, watch movies and Korean TV shows, listen to music, and read books.


Clover Linh TranProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2018
Clover is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is planning to major in Communications (individual major) and minor in Sociology. Her native language is Vietnamese, but recently she’s caught herself thinking in English as it’s now the main language she has to use daily, and she’s also taking French and Chinese. She loves 1) any kind of music, as long as it’s sad and slow; 2) taking emotional portraits of her close friends with her amateur photography skills; and 3) writing. She hopes to become a journalist without being put in jail by Vietnamese government for what she writes – but that depends.


Jingyi (Laura) Li

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2018
Laura is an East Asian Studies and Cinema Studies double major student. She likes fairy tales, folk tales, horror stories, or anything that deals and only deals with fantasy.  For real life, she likes to collect socks(219 pairs) ,  DVDs, shoes(# is hard to tell),posters, water bottles, and anything that is collectable. She also collects her fantasy dreams. One of her fantasy dreams is living in Ushuaia, Argentina after she turns to her 60. That is the main driven force for her to study Spanish since four years ago. Also, she just starts her journey to learn Japanese because she believes this is the language that sounds like what truly belongs to her fantasy-self.


Danilo Powell-Lima                    

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2018
Danilo is a Politics and Philosophy double major hailing from Teaneck New Jersey. He loves to listen and dance to Portuguese music even more than he loves shoving some political theory in his face. When he’s doing none of those three activities he’s surely refreshing his Portuguese vocabulary by scouring through one of his many boxes of flashcards. Danilo doesn’t know where he’ll go after Oberlin, but one thing’s for certain: his flashcards are coming with him.


Nathan Daniel

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2018                                                                                                                 Photo on 2-21-17 at 2.17 PM #3
Nathan is double majoring in Geology and Environmental Studies. He spends the majority of his time in Carnegie trying to handle his three lab course. Whenever he has free time he enjoys going to the gym or, if  the weather is nice, he often enjoys short bike rides. Nathan has an odd taste in music and and is always happy to have a talk about Russian rap or Japanese metal. While not the most fluent speaker, Nathan is often trying to improve his Spanish vocabulary. As someone who is fascinated with nature, Nathan would like to work in some environmental non-profit after college, maybe even in a place where he can show off his Spanish skills.


Leo Schumann

LSchumannStudent Assistant – Graduates Spring 2018
Leo is an independent major in linguistics from Newton, Massachusetts. They love learning languages and learning about languages. They have the most experience with German and Spanish, and have had the good fortune of being able to practice both of these languages abroad. Leo regrets not yet being able to practice their North Frisian or Irish Gaelic. In their free time, they like to learn obscure language theories and old writing systems.

Jenny Xin Luan

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2018
Jenny is a Psychology and East Asian Studies double major from Beijing, China. She started learning Japanese when she came to Oberlin and also tried out the Korean language during her second year. She is always intrigued by language and is currently working on two language-related research projects: a linguistic project on how the studying-in-America experience has affected Beijing Mandarin of Beijing-native college-age students and a cognitive psychology project on how language affects thought via the lens of kinship classification system in Mandarin and English. In the future, she wishes to master Japanese and Korean and start learning Spanish!