Staff Profiles


Barbara Sawhill

Director of the CILC


Barbara is the Director and chief bird-wrangling and fish-feeder of the center. When not clambering up the support beams of the CILC to retrieve wayward cockatiels (or in previous years, a remote-controlled dirigible) she is working with Faculty to think of helpful ways to incorporate technology into the teaching of language, literature and culture at Oberlin. She is also a member of the Hispanic Studies Department and teaches HISP 303 “Conversation and Communication in Spanish.” Barbara also runs the Virtual Language Table Project. A proud (some would say misguided) member of the Red Sox Nation and a native of New England, she blogs about language learning and technology and also for the college.


Rosalind Soltow

Administrative Assistant


An Oberlin graduate, Rosalind completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in viola performance. Before coming to the CILC, she worked in the conservatory for four years. She also performs with two regional orchestras and manages the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestras in addition to her work for the college. Rosalind spends what little free time she has practicing yoga, learning Spanish, baking pies, and watching foreign films.


Bob PetersPhoto of Bob Peters

Language Technology Specialist


Bob serves as a technician for the CILC and the language staff and faculty.  Before he came to Oberlin College he studied and taught Korean language at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center  and worked as an electrical engineer designing and building advanced flight simulators.  Bob is particularly skilled in connecting systems; his goal is to make the machines work for us, rather than allow the opposite.


Min Suh

IMG_3065Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2017
Min is a third-year Psychology major from Seoul. He lived in New Zealand for a year when he was 12, where he developed a habit of saying “can’t” in a British accent, but will say everything else in an American accent. He loves traveling, especially to countries he has never been before. It is his goal in life to travel to every single country in the world. He spends his free time watching movies, cooking food, and playing football (soccer). He is struggling with Chinese but enjoying while he does so.


Isabella ZelichenkoFullSizeRender

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2017

Isabella is a third-year, prospective Computer-Science major, from Queens, New York. She enjoys talking to herself in Japanese, but is only capable of speaking to small animals in Russian. In her free time, Isabella enjoys dancing Hip-Hop and DJing House music. She has adventured in 10 different countries (including the U.S.) and 15 U.S. states. She can confirm that Sue’s stir-fry is top notch (see above).


Some of our student workers are studying abroad:

Clover Linh TranProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2018
Clover is a second-year from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is planning to major in Communications (individual major) and minor in Sociology. Her native language is Vietnamese, but recently she’s caught herself thinking in English as it’s now the main language she has to use daily, and she’s also taking French and Chinese. She loves 1) any kind of music, as long as it’s sad and slow; 2) taking emotional portraits of her close friends with her amateur photography skills; and 3) writing. She hopes to become a journalist without being put in jail by Vietnamese government for what she writes – but that depends.


Jingyi (Laura) Li 11692654_600773900062118_2270551637375921703_n

Student Assistant – Graduates Spring 2018

Laura is a sophomore East Asian Studies and Cinema Studies double major student. She likes fairy tales, folk tales, horror stories, or anything that deals and only deals with fantasy.  For real life, she likes to collect socks(219 pairs) ,  DVDs, shoes(# is hard to tell),posters, water bottles, and anything that is collectable. She also collects her fantasy dreams. One of her fantasy dreams is living in Ushuaia, Argentina after she turns to her 60. That is the main driven force for her to study Spanish since four years ago. Also, she just starts her journey to learn Japanese because she believes this is the language that sounds like what truly belongs to her fantasy-self.