Our Equipment

Below is a list of the major equipment owned by the CILC, most of which is available for lending to patrons.  To check out equipment that can be lent out, bring yourself and your Obie ID card to the front desk in the CILC and ask for the item that you’re interested in.

20-imac24     20″ iMacs

The computers that form our lab, these are 20″ iMacs with 2.66 GHz processors and 4 GB of RAM. They are dual-boot machines, and are able to run Mac OS 10.5 or Windows XP. Each computer has a built-in webcam and a USB headset with a boom microphone, allowing for easy recording of audio and video.

Each iMac has a standard set of platform-appropriate browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and productivity apps (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice). Both operating systems also have applications for communicating and interacting with others (Skype, Adium, Pidgin). The Mac side has basic audio and video editing and conversion applications (iMovie, Audacity, Handbrake) and a variety of applications that combine entertainment and the potential for learning (Google Earth, Second Life, Battle for Wesnoth, World of Warcraft).

1     27″ iMac27-imac

Our faculty-only multimedia workstation, this computer has a wide variety of media software installed on it. This includes Adobe Creative Suite for document and image editing, Acrobat Pro for PDF creation and editing, iMovie and iDVD for video editing and Audacity for audio editing. The workstation can capture audio and video from a DVD player, VCR or cassette tape player, and can also scan documents via a flatbed scanner.

5     Flip Camerasflipcam

Small, portable, easy-to-use cameras that record between one to two hours of footage, depending upon the model. They record videos directly as a digital files, which can be transferred off the camera via a built-in USB connector. These are available for checkout for four hours.

2     Portable Audio Recordersrecorder

Sony ICD-UX512 portable audio recorders that can record hundreds of hours of high-quality audio. They have a built-in stereo microphone and are able to receive input from external devices as well. Any audio recorded on these can be easily transferred to a computer via the built-in USB connector. These are available for checkout for four hours.