About Us

Information about the CILC, a list of its current hours, and contact information.

Catalog Search (under construction)

An interface to the CILC’s catalog system that can be used to search for books, videos, music, and more.

Items on Reserve

A list of items that have been put on reserve by professors for student use in the lab.

Our Calendars

A list of calendars showing reservations of the CILC, its equipment, and smart classrooms in Peters.

Our Equipment

A list of the equipment owned by the CILC, some of which is available for lending out.

Staff Profiles

Profiles of the the CILC’s managers and student assistants.

Usage Statistics (under construction)

Information on the current usage of the lab and the total number of patrons that the CILC has served.

Work for Us

An employment application for any students interested in becoming student assistants at the CILC.