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Try a Bite of China

Try a Bite of China {0}

  A Bite of China (舌尖上的中国) is a series of food documentary produced by CCTV, a predominant state broadcaster in mainland China. It went wild in China because of its beautiful picture and engaging narration. “It tells the histories and stories behind Chinese cuisine: the meaning and the symbol each represents; the connection between the(…)


Chapmango! {0}

If you’re interested in how different languages use onomatopoeia, like chomp, drip, and achoo, check out this amazing tumblr. It focuses heavily on European and Asian languages, but the blogger is open to ideas from speakers of other languages too. Fun fact: nom nom is similar to the generic eating sound in at least three languages.

Spanish/English Translation Oops

Spanish/English Translation Oops {1}

Sometimes Google translate isn’t always the best way to go, especially if you’ve never spoken the language before in your life. HuffPo did a great compilation of really terrible Spanish/English translations. They go in both directions, so enjoy. (The featured image feels like it would be the right choice… until you consider that éxito doesn’t(…)

Why are we so interested in Brazil?

Why are we so interested in Brazil? {0}

Oberlin is offering Portuguese for the first time this semester, and our focus on Portuguese and Brazilian Studies is exciting for the whole campus community. To check out what is being planned thematically around Brazil, check out the Oberlin Center for Languages and Cultures’ Brazil page. But why are we so interested in Brazil in(…)