The CILC has new whiteboards!

The CILC has new whiteboards! {0}

Come learn, draw, and play on them!  

The Master and Margarita

The Master and Margarita {1}

College senior Dennis Kachintsev has been translating Mikhail Bulgakov‘s The Master and Margarita since the start of his junior year in the hopes of generating more interest in what he considers to be one of the finest novels ever written. He has permitted the language lab to post the first chapter of this work in(…)

We’re open for reading period and finals! {0}

  Come join us– here are our hours for reading period: Saturday Dec. 13: 12pm-12am Sunday Dec. 14: 12pm-12am Monday Dec. 15: 12pm-12am Tuesday Dec. 16: 12pm-12am   We are also open during finals! Our hours: Wednesday Dec. 17: 9am-6pm Thursday Dec. 18: 9am-6pm Friday Dec. 19: 9am-6pm  

What happened to the hammock?

What happened to the hammock? {2}

If you’ve come back to the CILC after the summer and noticed the hammock missing, fear not! It still exists, it’s just temporarily in storage to make room for some group study space in that corner while we wait for a giant bed-sized beanbag chair to arrive. In the meantime we have more space for multiple people to(…)

Language ExCos Fall 2014

Language ExCos Fall 2014 {0}

Are you interested in studying a language that doesn’t have an official home in the Oberlin curriculum? Check out an ExCo!  Contact the instructor of the course for more information. Don’t forget to attend the ExCo Fair tonight, Sept. 3rd, from 6-8pm. You must register on PRESTO by Sept. 11th. This semester’s offerings: The ABCs of ASL: Christal(…)

Oberlin O Brasil: Festa Brasileira!

Oberlin O Brasil: Festa Brasileira! {0}

Oberlin is hosting a big Brazilian festival as a part of the Oberlin Brazil Project, and it’s been a huge success so far. Read about it on the Oberlin news site and check out the the events calendar. Coming up… April 15 Showcase of Performance and Improvisation ensembles with special guests Marcus Santos, Adriano Dos Santos, and(…)