Busuu Language Learning Tool Review

I tested out the Busuu language learning program, found at http://www.busuu.com/enc/.
I initially registered for Spanish and then wanted to try learning a different language to actually test the program out for a language I did not know. When I went to switch languages, the site prevented me and said I had to ‘pay’ to do that. So make sure you register for the language you actually want to learn!

Without paying, I had access to a number of basic vocabulary learning exercises. I quickly realized my learning would be impeded however, because as an unpaying user, I would have no access to any grammar lessons or actual speaking exercises. In fact, it seems the only parts I had access to were writing and vocabulary, which would definitely not be very helpful if I actually wanted to learn the language. However, this website works if you are looking for a little bit of fun with the language to learn some basic phrases and pronunciation. For more serious language learning, look somewhere else.

For more self-paced language study tools, check out the self paced language study section of this website. http://languages.oberlin.edu/self-study-tools/


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