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Writing Posts

1) Make sure you are on the right Dashboard by looking in the menu across the top. If you are not in the right Dashboard, use the My Sites drop-down menu to go to the correct Dashboard.

2) From the left sidebar, go to Posts → Add New.

3) In the Add Post editing area, enter a title for your post. Be descriptive, but not boring! Assignment #1, Paper #1, etc are NOT good titles. You may be asked to include specific items in your post titles, so when in doubt, consult the syllabus, ask a classmate, or check with the professor.

4) Type your post into the larger text box. It's best to compose your text directly in the browser window, if possible.

5) If you've already written text in Word that you need to include in your post, click the Kitchen Sink icon near the right of the HTML editing toolbar to expand a second level of icons, then look for the clipboard with a W icon. Click the clipboard with the W icon, copy and paste your text from Word into the box that appears, then click the Insert button. This will strip extraneous formatting from your text and prevent it from breaking the site.

6) You may be asked to add certain tags or categories to your post. Scroll down the Add Post page and look for the Categories and Tags widgets on the right side.

Categories: If the category you need has already been created, you can simply check the box next to the right category. Otherwise, click the Add New Category link and enter the category name.

Tags: To see all existing tags on this blog, click the “Choose from the most used tags” link. If a tag that you want to use already exists, click on its name to apply it to your post. Otherwise, you can add tags by typing them into the box either one at a time or as a comma-separated list (e.g. summer, spring, fall) before clicking Add.

When in doubt about what categories or tags to use, consult the syllabus, ask a classmate, or check with the professor.

7) When you are finished, find and click the Publish icon near the top of the right sidebar. Your post will now appear on the site.

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