Gratitude شکرانه

The development of this student dialogue website is owed to the professional and artistic expertise of Barbara Sawhill in the Oberlin Language Department. Barbara and her assistants spent many hours of their precious time to develop the site and to make sure its is easily and efficiently accessible to Oberlin and other students in US and abroad. The website was initially launched in the Fall term of  2013 and officially in use since the Fall semester of 2014.

In the early summer of 2014, it was Jacquelynn Hongosh of Oberlin CIT office who made all artistic finishing touches on the website and tastefully made it in the present form.

Students of RELG 270, 272, 275 and 335 should all be credited for welcoming the website and for enthusiastically making their good thoughts available for academic and public readers.

I am thankful to all the above and other friends whose wise advices were fundamental in the launching and the functioning of the project. The phrase “Dialogue among Civilizations,” is now a political cliche. Civilization itself, however, is nothing but dialogue among cultures and concepts. I hope that our concerted efforts would help deeper understanding across all religious, political and cultural borders and stimulate a learned dialogue that would help dissolving clashes of ignorances and illusions that instigate wars.

With deep gratitude to all developers, contributors and readers,

M. Jafar Mahallati

Presidential Scholar in Islamic Studies