Perry Rubin: Islamic Worldview


Islamic worldview is characterized by a unique and intentional positionality to ones surroundings. The Five Pillars of Islam in conjunction with hadiths and familial values contribute to a holistic practice that is specific to each individual but uniform in principal. The Five Pillars of Islam are faith and belief in one God and Muhammad, daily prayer, charity, fasting / self control during Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca (if possible).  Incorporating these practices into daily life is of paramount importance. Human beings, according to the Quran, are destined to conquer everything between heaven and earth. The exploration of science, philosophy and math is highly encouraged by the Quran for this very reason. Intentionality is also key in Islamic Worldview. If you have good intentions but inadvertently do a misdeed then it is not counted against you. During the day of judgement each atom of good and each atom of bad will be weighed against you. The totality of your being will be determined and evaluated at that time. Basically maintaining a consciousness of those around you as well as a gratitude for the gift of humanity and deference to Allah.