Oberlin Students Did Spring Cleaning Service at the Cleveland Grand Mosque on April 12


Dear Br. Mohammad: Assalamu Alaikum.                                                                           April 14, 2015


On behalf of the governing bodies of the Islamic Center of Cleveland I would like to thank you for coming along with your group of students, to our mosque.

I do not have words to express our appreciation for cleaning and beautifying the surrounding of the mosque. It really needed the spring cleaning. Your group did the service for us. May God bless you and others for this service.

Furthermore, this type of help creates a needed friendship and understanding among all of us.

While your group was cleaning I was teaching a class of some children. They kept asking me the question why your group of students was cleaning the mosque. I tried to give them the best explanation I could. However, they were not completely satisfied with my reply. Some day they will, God willing.

Again, thank you,


Ahmad Saeed Ansari

Member the Executive Committee