33 Years in Peacemaking

As I was browsing my old files from the time I was working with the United Nations, I found this picture of when in February 1982, I chaired the 40 member UN Committee on Disarmament. Years have passed so fast! Ambassador Jaipal from India was the Secretary of the Committee for more than a decade and knew by heart how to formulate the summary conclusions of very complicated technical discussions between various Ambassadors. While serving in that Committee, I remember George Bush (the father) was US representative and counterpart to  the Ambassador of the Soviet Union. I remember how representatives from Eastern European and most developing countries felt being redundant during much heated debates between US and Soviet Union who dominated most discussions. Some became experts in having decent day naps! A good part of the agenda was focused on developing a convention to ban the production and the stockpiling of Chemical Weapons. Then, I had no clue that in a few years, Iran will be a victim of these weapons.