Sixty-Seventh Entry: September 16, 1973

Dear Diary, I have never been so scared in my life. It feels as if my world is in shambles. I do not know what is happening but all I know is that father and mother are scared. Everyday they sit and listen to the radio, they do not talk and they barley eat. All they want to know is what is going on in Santiago. I over heard father saying that they were rounding up dissidents. Our neighbor Marta came by and even said that some of the dissidents had been killed. I don’t want to believe that the military is killing people, they are supposed to protect us. Mother even worries that they will come for father because he supported Allende and attended Socialist Party meetings in the town hall. I could not fathom that the military would do that. He is a good father, he has come home so many days angry about politics and cursed the congress and the national party and the christian democrats but the military would never take him. How could they, what would mama do without papa. What would I do without my family?

I wish that I could stop worrying but I just want life to get back to normal. School has been closed since the 12th and even though we do not live in the city limits father says that we are to close to the military in Santiago and will not let me go outside. The same is true for Sofia’s parents. They will not let her go outside either. I just want to go outside and play and get out of this stuffy house. There is nothing to do hear except what father and mother are doing and that is just listening to that stupid radio. Nothing is going to change listening to that thing. Just let me go to school and play, then maybe I won’t worry as much.

I wish that I could just tell somebody how confused I am but nobody knows whats going on, sometimes I think that they do though, and they just do not want to say.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    Cálmate, Catalina. You’re probably worrying too much. Nothing is going to happen to your parents. I just think that everybody’s nerves are on edge after what happened. That’s certainly what’s happening in my house. All the schools in Santiago are closed because of the golpe and now we’ve got the fiestas patrias coming up so who knows when I’ll get to see my fiends again. We all went out yesterday for a bit; it felt good to get out of the house, but I hope things return to normal soon.

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