Reflection (my voice)

I found this avatar project satisfying but frustrating.  It was a really fun task to develop a speaking voice other than my own, and to try to think through someone else’s brain about things I, myself, never experienced.  That, however, was also the frustrating part. I sometimes found it difficult to maintain the voice of the avatar over my own voice, especially when it came to discussing the end of the dictatorship.

I also didn’t quite know how to develop both my own character’s personal history while keeping relevant to the events in each prompt, so, in hindsight, I noticed a few red herrings in my accounts of my avatar’s personal life.  But I wanted to focus on his reactions to the events as the transpired as much as possible, because I wanted him to be a conduit for me to question the validity of national memory and its somewhat political relationship to truth and reconciliation.  I think that using the avatar’s voice as a way to reinvestigate the previously stated relationship was the most fulfilling part of the project.

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