Raúl – Entry 9: 10 de dicembre, 2006

He died without a conviction.

The same could be said of hundreds, if not thousands of his victims who never faced a tribunal, let alone a jury, were the circumstances not so irreconcilable. For a man who cut short so many lives, to see his own last so long, and fade gently without so much as a tremor must feel godlike. How appropriate it is, then, that his supporters flock to the military hospital to mourn, while we take to la Alameda to celebrate. We reach La Plaza Italia, voicing our frustration and our relief over Pinochet’s death. I find it difficult to be joyous, though. I should be grieving; not for the loss of Pinochet, but for the lives he took.

The failure of the courts, the miscarriage of justice here, is so evident that I see little worth in my title of ‘lawyer.’ I may as well resign from my post come tomorrow.


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