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Today, perhaps for the first time in decades, I think I have finally seen some semblance of the hand of justice. For the first time, perhaps there will be some manner of redress for the disappearance of my dear sister Natalie who was taken from me twenty five years ago, as well as the other people around me who have lost or been disappeared at the hands of the butcher. Today, Augusto Pinochet has been arrested. I still remember his rise to power, and the violence of his ascension. My mind is presently in all sorts of disarray on the matter. On one hand, I feel relieved and endlessly grateful to the authorities in London for finally bringing him to justice and beginning the process of making him account for his inhuman cruelty. On the other hand, part of me is left feeling somewhat disappointed. I am certainly glad that he has been detained, that I can say that is true with every fiber of my being, but part of me wonders how he dodged any sort of punishment for his wicked deeds for so very long. How has he continued on for so long? Does he feel guilt? How has he not been assassinated by belligerents that he has wronged in the same as me, or struck ill and disabled? How is it that he could evade the consequences of his actions for all of these years? These are cruel things to wish on any individual, no doubt, but in the face of all of Pinochet’s wrongs, I feel that nothing I could possibly wish would be enough. Let me explain. I always thought that the wicked received just punishment in one way or another from the universe. I am not particularly religious, as I have noted before, but I do feel that some swirling force exists in the universe that sets things right, like a karma of sorts, yet Pinochet seems to have bypassed this cosmic balance. Nonetheless, I am glad that some shred of justice has caught up with him. Nothing of course could ever make up for Natalia’s disappearance, especially so late in coming, but this is something, and for this, I am grateful.

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