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What a strange world we live in. Now that the new government is in place, everyone is so very concerned with conformity. There seems to be an overwhelming sense of fear that there exist these subversives in our midst, individuals who are potentially dangerous to the order around us, but I have yet to see any for myself. At work today, a representative from the police came and spoke to us, telling about how we should be on the lookout for disorderly and immoral individuals, and to be sure to report anyone suspicious to local police. Nobody asked any further questions, but throughout the discussion, the policeman used very ambiguous language. My workday continued, and I headed home.

I’m worried, as I was supposed to meet my sister Natalia for dinner, but I saw nothing of her after waiting for her at the restaurant for an hour. I called her at home to no response either. After going to her apartment, and finding all the lights off, I began to ask her neighbors whether or not they had seen her. Apparently she had never come home from work. Upon hearing this, I ran to the police station to report that she was missing. When I reached the office, I saw the very same policeman from the talk at work. He greeted me cordially enough, but when I told him that my sister had gone missing, his demeanor changes. He told me not to ask so many questions. This of course was unsettling, especially due to his dark expression. I didn’t press any further for fear that he might deem me a problem. Could my own sister Natalia have been reported as a subversive? What could she have done? Nonetheless, I will search on my own in whatever ways I can. I certainly hope that wherever she may be she is alright.

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