Mi amigo, q tal? Como estas? I am feeling un gran peso on my heart today as I write to you. As you must have heard El Presidente Carlos Menem pardoned the members of the Junta including Videla! Five years they have served, solamente cinco años!! It is unbelievable that they get off so easy. Those men who cause my neighbors to cower con temor when their wives so much as kiss them on the cheek-they have left our nation a nation made of glass and their release threatens to shatter our foundation. But we stand united. Today, I went with my sons to rally in the streets of Buenos Aires. It was a journey, I’ll tell you, but how my belly swelled with fire just like in the days of my youth! It was a delicious anger, the anger of my people demanding their voices to be heard, the noise like un helado ricoo a mis orejas because we are silent no longer. Los perros, la policia, were after the whole of us but we linked arms and shouted, we didn’t back down-their must have been thousands and thousands of us!

Nuestro presidente has betrayed us. In one moment he takes away power from the military and slashes their funding, in another he releases their biggest fans. NO ENTIENDO EL ESTUPIDEZ. DE MI PAIS Yes, he is under a great deal of pressure and perhaps fears a coup, but this is no excuse to give in to the military’s demands. “What would I do in his place?” Mami wonders, well I sure as hell would keep those bastards locked up like the violent, pathetic, tigres that they are. National Reconstruction pfft, esas palabras son bromas, they are no better than las mentiras de la Junta.

But you know, my life at the university is going very well. My class sizes are back full to capacity with overflow! Seems we’ve channeled something of the youth. There are still many so misguided, but I teach them their philosophy, their morals and from this viewpoint we see the insanity that has governed and still governs our country. There are tears, there is rage, but where there is emotion there is learning and those who cannot manage to learn their own story I don’t wish to have in my class. There are many promising voices in my classroom and in the hearts of my children, from this encuentro mi esperanza.

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  1. ssvolk says:

    I’ve never trusted that viejo verde with his sideburns and always pretending that he’s 17-years old and the most attractive man in the nation. Ugh. Why is it that the peronistas, those who should be the closes with the people, are those who are most willing to cut a deal. It’s infuriating – but hopefully we haven’t heard the end of this process. At least I hope. What are you teaching these days? Are the cabros interested in what you have to say?

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